Author Topic: First impressions and Some Thoughts/Improvements  (Read 566 times)

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First impressions and Some Thoughts/Improvements
« on: May 05, 2012, 09:33:18 PM »
First off I want to say great job so far with the game.  I have never seen so many patches to improve game content after an intial release.  There is almost a new patch everytime I log in!

Here are a few of my initial thoughts:

It was a little tough to get into the game to begin with.  At first I was very confused about the buildings, I did not realize I needed guardian scrolls to build buildings.  I think this was mentioned in the text but it didn't make sense at first.  I also didn't know that I had to run missions to get the scrolls to allow me to build buildings.

Another thing that made the game alot more enjoyable was learning how to read the dungeon map.  I saw the help on the map in the beginning but there was a lot of information that never really sunk in.  I didn't really understand the best way to get to certain rooms and the markers for secret missions and stash rooms.  In the beginining, I was literally exploring all the rooms (even though it said I didn't have to) because I wasn't smart enough then to figure out the different special room types and how to navigate them from the dungeon map.  It's hard to visualize at first since a room above doesn't necessarily mean its a floor above.  Once I did learn it though it totally changed the way I played the game.

Some Suggestions and bugs:

-scrolling dungeon map uses ctrl arrow keys by default and not shift like tooltip says for map help (this may have been removed since I can't find it now)
-maybe I missed something but can you make a way to see what spells I a currently have set for my loot goals?  Sometimes I change my mind and there is no visual indicator for which goals I am tracking so I have to click through them all to find the one I want to remove.
-I would also like to have an option to possibly track unlockables for things like clearing all monsters in a certain tier or finding a stash in a certain zone.  This could also be done by setting a goal for a certain thing I might be unlocking.  Maybe I don't want to set a goal for a spell that uses clay, but I want to track how to unlock clay...either by setting a goal for finding the stash i need or the material itself

Gamepad frustrations/suggestions for me playing almost exclusively with controller:
-hard to place platforms playing with control, even if i use the mouse i can't move the cursor farther than an inch around my character like the analog sticks do.  even if i switch to using the mouse, if i have gamepad controls set, i still can't move the mouse more than an inch from my character.
-there is an advantage playing with mouse especially on perfect missions because i can scroll the screen farther with mouse cursor dynamically moves camera
-option to possibly change description for buttons when using controller like xbox 360.  for example, make the text say X, Y, A, B instead of BTN 1, BTN 2, BTN 3, BTN 4...).  It gets confusing when setting bindings for left trigger and right trigger shows something like Gamepad Axis 7 (Pos/Neg).

I think there are a few other things, but I'll keep you posted.

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Re: First impressions and Some Thoughts/Improvements
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2012, 10:39:15 PM »
Great idea on tracking unlockables.

As for gamepad/mouse, the way I understand it, the game was designed with mouse/keyboard combo in mind. The gamepad and keyboard only options were put in later. It's meant as more of an alternative for people who can't use the mouse -- not using mouse/keyboard controls is a definite handicap.