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An idea about Upgrade Stones
« on: May 06, 2012, 12:12:46 AM »
So, with recent updates, the way Upgrade Stones work, and the frequency of them, has changed a bit.

Some players (such as myself) are finding that we now have silly amounts of the things, just taking up space in the inventory.   I'm up to nearly 1000 myself.

So, I've had some thoughts about other things that could be done with these stones, rather than making them rarer or making the upgrades cost more (which would seem to affect some players negatively).

Perhaps characters who have reached a full 10 upgrades already could use these stones to produce temporary effects, similar to how guardian scrolls work.   The exact numbers are numbers I'm just randomly choosing to help explain (and the fact that they are merely temporary would help them NOT de-balance the game), but you could, say, spend 75 stones to..... I dunno, get an attack boost for a few minutes.   Or a jump height boost, or a defense boost..... none of this would be permanent, so it wouldnt be something that you end up NEEDING, but it'd be sort of a reward for those players that are doing well and not dying much, and perhaps an incentive for players to try to die less in general.   AND, if players want to use one of the effects for something..... but ARE low on stones, they can choose to use the shop to buy some extras, allowing them to use the effects, perhaps for a tough boss or a mission or something.

The exact details of this, and what effects these would actually have, are totally up to, er, suggestion or something.

But it seems like an appropriate use for extra upgrade stones; they'd basically be TEMPORARY, special "upgrades" that arent based around the 3 upgrade stats, but other things that the character can do.   

I do think though that for something like this, the cost would have to be fairly high;  not like 10 or 20 stones like the upgrades are, but more like 100-ish.    Again, numbers open to suggestion and whatever else.

But I thought this might prove to be an interesting idea.

IF something like this were to be put in though it'd have to be balanced around the Guardian Scrolls, since those have similar effects, like boosting element powers by 40% (which is alot).   I keep thinking that the Guardian Scroll effects should last longer than they do (like, 10, 15 minutes instead of 5), particularly since the scrolls are very time-consuming and difficult to get in large numbers.   The similar "upgrades" from the stones would be the ones with the lower minute-counts.