Author Topic: (((Clamping Player Spell Ranges)))....? -Thank u for fixing- :)  (Read 1392 times)

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Hello i really love Ur game but Ur recent change made me not enjoy it as much. Ur ((Clamping Player Spell Ranges)) sounds awesome for people who play on small screens but who does these days....?

I play on 1920*1080 and it pisses me off that i see an enemy on one side of the screen and i cannot hit it? Right now the longest spell travels half of my screen that is a joke. Worst case scenario that should be an option just like there is a difficulty option in the game.

Gosh i love this game but seeing an enemy that i have no advantage over is HORRIBLE.

Not everyone likes really hard games or has a lot of time to spend in a game the long range spells made me always have control and power now i get swarmed.

Pls change it  ;)

Ooh some nice ideas ((enchantments to increase range))   I am liking what i hear that way people can play what ever play styles they want.

But the ground spells are now plain silly they are cool but don't travel like intended :P

Yeah i realize people have different PC monitors but make the spells scale to resolutions maybe?  To make all people happy?

Thanks Everyone  They changed it Longest spell now it 1600px Which is acceptable compared to the 800px That way when needed i can fight long range again :)   

I'm soo happy  :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
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Re: (((Clamping Player Spell Ranges)))....?
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2012, 01:18:59 AM »
Although I do agree that the ranges are too small now, I do think that they were a little too much before
there should be enchantments to increase range
also, it seems unfair that enemies can still attack from just as far away as before

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Re: (((Clamping Player Spell Ranges)))....?
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Yeah, this is a really really weird change... It makes +spell speed pretty useless, even detrimental because it makes the spell's lifetime much shorter. Maybe it's just complaining for the inability to adjust to change, but as a large-monitor player, i feel horribly horribly gimped. It's not just shooting things that are really far away that is changed, but shooting things around corners using the wallslide mechanic, for one.

"For many players this should hopefully be hardly noticeable of a change"
Unfortunately, this is such a huge and drastic change that I can't notice anything but this change! Maybe I am incorrect, but I find that my spells ranges are much shorter than before, and I never even played with +speed enchants. I can't even put in to words why this is such a negative change for me. I think it's just because I'm not good at dodging at close ranges. I need a lot of room to be able to dodge, I'm not a twitch reflex guy.

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Re: (((Clamping Player Spell Ranges)))....?
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I do think that average range of player spells is too low right now, and that monster spells should be double checked in range in light of this change.

Possibly, instead of a hard cap, could a +speed enchant give a increase in max distance traveled (though possibly at a sub linear rate, e.g., doubling speed will increase distance by less than 2x, and with further decreasing returns with even higher speed boosts)

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Re: (((Clamping Player Spell Ranges)))....?
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I agree - it was too high before; I was able to kill enemies well off screen, and I play at 1920x1200.   But now it's too short - I've already seen a flying enemy shoot at me from overhead, outside my range.  And the cool feature that some spells follow the ground is now a bit useless, since spells don't actually travel enough to matter.

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Re: (((Clamping Player Spell Ranges)))....?
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I personally like that being closer makes it feel more threatening, but I agree that normal monster ranges should be reduced somewhat and our player spells increased about 5-10% in range.  We were getting some fairly silly long range before, now it feels more challenging. Idk, this is a bit of tricky one, with all the screen things. 

And btw, not everyone has access to 1920x1080 ;)

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Re: (((Clamping Player Spell Ranges)))....?
« Reply #6 on: April 28, 2012, 03:24:52 AM »
I updated from 1.001 to 1.004 and feel horribly nerfed.

My favorite spell, Earth Rage, was nerfed into uselessness. In the beginning I experimented with all the spell to find ones that fit my playstyle. Earth Rage had good dps but fairly high mana cost and slow speed and its range had to be increased to make it useful. It became my mana dump spell, with energy orb as a backup. I specialized in Earth, even used earth seeker enchant and built up some nice earth enchants.

Now that spell is useless.

I am back to using Energy Orb, which is overpowered in pretty much every way, and the lightning ball attack.

The new spell range is ridiculous. I hit a lightning esper and it decides to fly away. It has no problems shooting me with pinpoint accuracy from three screens away but I can barely shoot more than half a screen.

How about the upgrade stone changes? I lost 150HP, 80 mana, but gained 2% attack and 10 mana regen. Yep, that's a nerf.

I lowered my difficulty back down to Hero until I can grok all these changes.
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Re: (((Clamping Player Spell Ranges)))....?
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I do think the changes were necessary, but too much. Maybe add in some enchants that increase spell range as a possibility?

I also think if our ranges are limited to what they are, that most enemy spell ranges need to be limited as well, otherwise it just feels weird that my fireball travels x whereas theirs travels x^3.

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Re: (((Clamping Player Spell Ranges)))....?
« Reply #8 on: April 28, 2012, 12:15:56 PM »
The spell ranges have been increased by the way, in case anyone missed it.

Further changes to spell "maximum distance to live" are as follows:

    -Most long-ranged spells now travel for 1600px instead of 800px.
    -Splashback and flameout still travel for 600px (they always did).
    -Miasma Whip: 224 (same as always)
    -Leafy whip: 320 (same as always)
    -Meteors, rocks, and ice blocks: 1800px instead of 1000px.
    -Thanks to fairly much everyone for complaining about this.